Server ViVo Description

Do you have a website? Do you offer a service that is web based?

If the answer is yes, you have a problem and we have a solution.
The Problem:
You are dependent on your web server to drive you business. You need to offer service always to your customers.

The solution: Server ViVo!

We place a small web package on your server (less than 1 MB), this we can automatically FTP to your server. This gives us the ability to ping or get the statistics of your server every x minutes. The beauty is that we can ping your server up to every 3 minutes if you desire. This means you can respond at the moment you have a problem. What's more? We keep a record of your servers health, CPU usage, disk usage, and much more to help you diagnose a problem before it occurs.
We show your servers health with carrots. If a server has 5 carrots, it is in perfect health, if it has only 2, it is time to program a server upgrade. Server ViVo does not stop there, we also manage a program flag. You can include our file from your system to check if your server is marked as the primary or not. We will maintain your primary server flag automatically based on which servers are online or offline.

Take a moment to relax knowing that we will be alerting you the moment your servers have a problem. We will send you an SMS, an Email and a Push Message to your device moments after your device fails, you no longer waste time wondering when your server went offline or how much CPU was used when it crashed. We can tell you! Better yet, you can know yourself!


Server ViVo Screenshots


All your servers, at-one-glance

We handle all the hard work of consistently monitoring your servers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide a visual summary for your iPhone, iPad and for the internet which allow you to see all your servers with just one step.

Server Logs for your monitoring

One of the most difficult tasks is finding out how your server was acting before it crashed. With Server ViVo, it is as simple as opening the server communication log.

Affordable Credit Plans

We offer plans at the great price of $ 5.00 per month per server with 10 Free SMS Alert Messages included!. We offer several discounts for people who monitor more than one server using Server ViVo.

Unlimited Users

You can add an unlimited amount of users to your account at no additional charge. You can give access to the entire IT department if you like.


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